9:00 am Begins individual mounted sessions in your preferred riding style of 30 to 40 minutes each. Participants are strongly encouraged to audit all mounted sessions.  Lunch buffet is included in fee. 

5:00 pm wrap up

August 19 & 20, 2017


Alexander Technique for Riders presented by Alison Deadman

This is your opportunity to attend a unique workshop that will improve your riding and daily living skills!! 

You will see improved harmony and ease in your riding.  Develop greater awareness of how your spine impacts riding, walking and all sorts of daily living activities. For athletes and riders of all levels.


9:00 am - Group classroom session limited to 10 total participants will work for 3 hours on specialized Alexander lessons.

Noon lunch buffet on site included in workshop fee

1:00 pm - Further group sessions

4:00 pm wrap up


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Alison Deadman


The Alexander Technique is an educational process that focuses on the individual; therefore what happens in a lesson depends very much on the needs of the student at the time. How we are using ourselves- the way we do things- affects the results we get. The Alexander Technique is a means of improving that use wherein people can further their own personal skills and activities. Olympic level athletes have used the Technique to improve their performance, as have leading golfers and business people. The person who learns to stop and take time, to think constructively about how he/she uses him/herself in every day life will find that this simple procedure can have far reaching results. (Definition given by Alexander Technique International)

MORE on the Alexander Technique

"I help people connect mind and body to find physical ease and mental calm."

Alison P. Deadman is a graduate of the Alexander Alliance in Philadelphia, PA. She is certified through Alexander Technique International. Alison teaches the Alexander Technique at East Tennessee State University and maintains private studios in Johnson City and Jonesborough. She has given workshops to varied individuals and especially enjoys working with equestrians and performing artists. When not teaching the Alexander Technique, Alison can be found indulging her other passions -- playing the clarinet and horseback riding (both English and Western styles).



MONDAY Aug 21~ Special lessons for returning students from our first workshop to develop upon previous work