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Centered Riding Instructor Certification/Update Clinics


This clinic is for riding instructors who wish to update a current Centered RidingⓇ Certification.  Please visit the CRⓇ website to view experience and qualifications for eligibility. LINK HERE


 Taught by one of the best, Deborah Moynihan CR lvl 4, who is one of the few Centered RidingⓇ Clinicians who studied directly with the legendary creator of CRⓇ, Sally Swift.  

Instructors who wish to advance their skills have come to the right place for Centered RidingⓇ updating.  Mrs. Moynihan currently competes in and judges recognized dressage events at the highest levels.  With a strong background in eventing and bringing young horses along, all riders will benefit with very targeted instruction to meet their personal goals. She is also a recognized Western Dressage judge.


This clinic is open to all instructors meeting qualifications for eligibility to update. LINK to Centered Riding Bring your open mind, ASTM approved helmet, safe riding shoes, notebook, and a desire to have fun riding!  A lunch buffet will be provided each day at no additional fee.   The clinic will include student riders and certifying instructors will teach topics under the guidance on Mrs. Moynihan.   Instructors should be prepared to ride each day.

Each day will include a lecture or classroom work, digital handouts, dismounted groundwork or bodywork, riding and observation of other riders.  Work each day will build from the information presented in the morning so it is important to be on time and participate each morning to get the most benefit. Work also builds from one day to the next. If an emergency causes you to miss a portion - we ask that you let us know and an arrangement will be made to get you caught up on what's going on.  


This is not a horse training clinic, although many problems in horse training actually originate with rider problems.  Horses brought in for the riding portions should be capable of working reliably under saddle at a walk, trot (or similar gait), and canter in a small group of other riders in an enclosed arena. If you have a horse that may not be ready for this, we strongly advise you to use one of our dependable school horses so your attention can be directed to yourself without distraction. 


The time schedule is tentative, but we will do our very best to stay on schedule. We will start by 8:00 daily and will finish by 4:30.  We ask for your help in this effort by being in charge of getting yourself to the facility on time, and moving to the next activity promptly during the day. We have a lot of information on the planned syllabus and would like to get as much covered as we can! Lunch is offered on site as are snacks and drinks during the day. You are also welcome to bring your own, especially if you have dietary restrictions. Dress for safety and comfort. ASTM safety helmets are required of all riders at all times when mounted.  Our arena is covered but not fully enclosed or heated. Classroom and meeting spaces are indoors and climate controlled. Seating during clinic hours is provided.   COVID restrictions will be followed, as per mandates in effect at time of clinic.

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